Are you Tired of Your Competition Getting All the Business?

Want to do something about it?

  • If you don't have a web presence, you are not truly in business in today's market.
  • If your website can't be found, you are wasting your money.
  • If your customers can't find you, they WILL go to your competition.

Hi, I'm Damion Flynn, owner of, a Mississippi company dedicated to helping your business succeed online.

Have you ever wanted a Top-Notch Web Presence? but could not afford it?
Then don't miss out! Keep Reading!

Damion Flynn here. I have been building quality web presences and strategic online marketing platforms for businesses like yours for more than 2 decades. I have consulted with business owners all over the world that range from the local corner store to Fortune 500 companies. I have helped thousands of businesses increase their online footprint, but NEVER BEFORE have I made an offer this crazy. But I can't give away all the secrets yet. 
Let me tell you why!

My typical website for a small business, fully optimized, starts in the $2,000 range. BUT, I was talking to a buddy of mine recently who went with one of those "do-it-yourself" sites and paid hundreds of dollars for graphics and other people to help him, and never once came to me. When I asked him why, he simply said "Bro, I can't afford you." Now, I have helped friends before and significantly reduced my rates and even have done some for free for good friends or good causes. But never did I think that a friend would tell me he could not afford me. Then it hit me - how many other small businesses out there would love to be able to use one of the best in the business but at a super-reduced rate?

What would you do if you could have one of the top internet marketing consultants in the country working on your web presence for your small business, at a rate equal to or less than your local start-up web company?

I Just Bought 2 New Servers!
When they are full - This Offer is GONE.

I want to be able to offer you a great online presence, fully optimized for your business. I am going to do it for PENNIES on the dollar. But I have limited space. I just bought 2 new servers to host these sites. Once I fill them up, the pricing you see below will be GONE forever. This is not a sales gimmick. These prices will go back to my normal rate schedule.

BUT What if?

No ifs, and, or but about it, once I fill these servers, I will not be offering these prices again. I may offer another sale in the future, but never again will you see what I am about to offer you.

But what about the quality? 

I have chosen a few PREMIUM THEMES and PREMIUM PLUGINS that work across almost every industry. This will allow me to keep prices as low as possible for you so that I can focus on building the sites and not fighting with horrible code, poorly written style sheets, and compatibility issues. This will make things go very seamless.

What's In It For Me?

Now, obviously, I know you are thinking what am I getting out of this. Would anyone really reduce their prices to a bare minimum just because of a friend's story?

Look. I enjoy helping people. But, YES, you are absolutely right. I am getting something out of this as well. My goal is to help you with a basic site that is fully optimized for your needs now, and then, as your business grows, help you with other services. Maybe a bigger/better site, your online marketing needs, your social media management. There are a LOT of services we offer and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope to make you a long-lasting, and growing business customer that pays me every month for new services. 

So what are you waiting for? Oh, yeah - the price!

It is likely going to be easier for you to get on the phone with me or one of my sales people. Of course, you can research your own stuff and look below, but let's just say that our prices are starting at ONLY $99 for initial setup and installation. How AWESOME is that?

What is the Process?

To make things as streamlined as possible, here is what to expect...

We will discuss your needs and shoot you over an email for certain additional information needed.

You respond to that email with needed information.

We build the site. 

OPTIONS - What to Buy!
Basic Setup = $99

We use Wordpress for our backend. This gives a lot of functionality and allows for both standalone sites or robust content management systems. We place premium themes on top of this. Our current lineup of Themes can viewed at Thrive Themes. Note: Do not buy from their site - your theme is included in your installation. There is an upcharge for magazine layouts.

In addition to premium themes, we also have premium plugins that add functionality to your site. These range from contact form plugins, extended functionality and specialized marketing plugins. Every installation comes with a free SEO plugin and a free contact plugin. View this list of other premium plugins available to you. These premium plugins do come at additional cost. Do not buy from their site, however. We only charge the actual license fee for installation.

We have a myriad of other options including customizing the theme, custom home pages, landing pages, Email marketing management, SEO services, directory submission, and if you are unable to provide your content, we can even write the content for your site at an additional charge. 

Damion Flynn,
228.207.0275 (direct)
or follow up with your salesperson!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed