Finance & Lease Terms

We know that everyone can’t afford to dole out a few grand on a domain name, then a couple thousand more on website development, only to have to spend a few thousand more on marketing. Because of this, we secure high-end domain names when we can and offer them to our clients on terms, be it financing arrangements or leasing.

The primary difference between financing and leasing is that you will never own the domain name when leasing, but with leasing, unlike financing, you are not contractually obligated to complete any term. Many of our clients utilize leasing in the first months, some as long as 2 years, while they make sure their business succeeds before purchasing the name. With a lease, you are not contractually obligated to any specific term and is on a month-to-month basis, with only 30 days notice required by lessee (you) to stop leasing. With financing, you are saying you will complete the purchase, over the course of term (1-5 years) and are obligating yourself personally to complete the term.

If you are unsure which will work best for you, please feel free to email using the contact form at the bottom of the page, contact us through our Facebook page, or call/text. Our primary phone line supports SMS messaging with our support team (but does not support MMS/media messaging such as pictures and audio).

Finance Terms

Finance terms are pretty simple and written in plain English so there are no misunderstandings.

  1. Rates range from 16-20% depending on term (0-12 months/16%, 13-24 months/17%, 25-36 months/18%, 37-48 months/19%, 49-60 months/20%)
  2. Rates are calculated annually (APR) and set to be paid by automatic payment to debit or credit card each month utilizing our payment processor, PayPal under subscription payments.
  3. You may pay off balance at any point or pay additional principal at any point. Simply contact us and you will receive an invoice to do so (this is a manual process). Any additional principal will reduce the term, however, if you wish for us to utilize principal payment to reduce monthly note, a $10 fee is required.
  4. Initial setup fee of $99 required on all finance or lease accounts.
  5. We retain ownership of domain name until it is paid off. At point of payoff, it will be pushed to you at no additional charge.
  6. Nameserver changes are free for up to 2 per year. If you change namerserver or nameserver records (aname, cname, IPs, etc) more than twice, there is a $10 fee per change.
  7. If monthly payment declines, you will be notified by PayPal and by us. You have a 1 week grace period to correct errors. After that we reserve the right to reclaim name. Note that nonpayment and reclamation of name does not negate your responsibilities under the payment terms. This is handled on a case by case basis and we often work with our clients in times of hardship… but we are not required to.
  8. We do not report payments or lack of payments to credit bureaus, however, in the case of default, we may choose to seek judgment in which case it could go on your credit file.

Lease Terms

  1. Leasing has the advantage of not being stuck in any term commitments like financing, but with a lease, you will never own the domain name. It will remain in our name through the entirety of the lease.
  2. We will not sell or transfer the domain to anyone else during a lease without at least 2 months notice. In the instance of an offer to purchase, lessee (you) will have first right of refusal to purchase domain over outsider. If you agree to their initial acceptable offer, they will have an opportunity to bid higher and you will again have the right to purchase at that price. this bidding process will go back and forth until the highest amount is reached. At the end of bidding, if you are winner, you will have 2 weeks to consummate purchase. If outsider wins, you will have up to 2 months to redirect websites, etc before we transfer domain to purchaser. (P.S. We have never had this happen but have it in here just in case because we were asked what would happen in this scenario)
  3. Initial set up fee of $99 for all leases. Nameserver changes are free for the first 2 in a year. Any after that are $10 each.
  4. Lease payments are made utilizing PayPal’s subscription service. If your payment declines, you will have 1 week to fix the error. After that, you will be billed the final amount and name will be redirected away from your site. A re-connection fee of $25 will be added to your account if you wish to reinstate the domain.
  5. You will give us 30 days notice before cancelling lease agreement. If notice is not given (and verified by us via written response/email/text) and you cancel by nonpayment, you will be responsible for final payment.

Not Covered?

If you don’t see something here, ask. We try to treat people right and be as straightforward as possible. We also like to get paid for our time if there is something you need done that is not covered here. We are happy to answer any questions before you decide to make an agreement. We offer financing and lease terms as a way to help our customers be able to afford better domain names and website services. We only ask that you too operate in good faith so we can continue to do so. Everything we do is in-house so we are taking all the risk. Your good faith in working with us is appreciated by us and future customers.
Thank you,
Damion Flynn, Founder