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It was the end of 2003 and I had just decided to get my real estate license because I thought it would help me with my investments. And it did, but it did much more. See, I was at a point in my life where I was bored. I had just made almost half a million dollars off some websites I had sold and at the age of 25, I didn’t know what I wanted to do next. A friend in the real estate business suggested I get my license and come work with them – so I did.

Because of my background in web design, search engine optimization, and online marketing, I knew just how to easily create a web presence to generate leads and, from what I had been told, that was the hardest part about being a real estate agent.

It only took about a year to create the #1 real estate site in the southeast. Notice that I did not say in my state, or my service area, but in the southeast US… I created a blog that I updated regularly and changed to meet needs of buyers and sellers over time. I never needed to go out and look for business. I was able to be very selective in who I worked with. I cherry-picked my leads and worked with the ones I could make the most money with or I enjoyed talking with the most, and referred the rest of them out to other agents charging a referral fee to them in exchange.

After 2 years in the business, I decided to get my broker’s license and open my own brokerage. at this point I was able to keep my agents busy with all the leads coming in from my website. I still referred a good bit out of my office and used that to keep adding to my income while simultaneously using it as a recruiting tool. No better time to recruit a new agent to your brokerage than right after a lead you gave them closed. They are paying you a percentage and their broker a percentage so it doesn’t take them long to realize that they are better off working directly with you if you are passing them leads.

Over time, I simply became a manager of leads. I was a very well paid receptionist for all intents and purposes. I enjoyed the money I was making but really disliked sitting behind a desk managing leads and agents all day. I hired a broker to work in my place and just sat at the house collecting the money, until I had to get another broker…and another. I struggled with brokers trying to steal from me, making stupid decisions that were hurting my business, and a myriad of other issues. I got fed up with it.

After a little hiatus, I decided to start again. I let my site sit still just forwarding leads to random agents I knew for a year. Then, I decided to get back in the business. Did it for about 6 months and quickly remembered why I got out originally. So I have just been forwarding leads to other agents. I did this on referral for a while and eventually just let my license go back and started charging for the leads.

I could take this site as it sits and still make a killing just by selling leads to lead sites like Homegain which they, in turn, sell to agents. I could just sell the leads directly to the agents… but ultimately, I am changing my passive income strategy and this just doesn’t fit in my strategy anymore. Plus, I would love to see this site jump back to the top of all the search phrases again… and it can, very easily.

Going Forward

Back in its hay-day(2005-2012), this website got close to 50,000 UNIQUE visitors per month and roughly 100-150 leads per month. If I had sold this site then, I would have been doing so for close to $500k. Now, the site gets around 1000-1500 unique visitors per month and generates 10-15 leads per month. That makes the valuation between $54,000 and $81,000 for this market (Assuming you can close 1 out of 10 leads – a very conservative number; my agents closed 3 out of 10 so triple that valuation if you are a little better than average). Keep in mind that there is no forced lead generation – these leads are coming through ONLY when people WANT to contact you thus are higher value leads and typically more likely to close.

I would LOVE to work with an agent or broker who wants to see this site become the glory it once was. It won’t take much effort to do and I would love to give you that direction.

What am I offering?

I am offering the sale of this website, as it sits (less some agent name changes) for $25,000

That includes THOUSANDS of indexed pages in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)!

That includes usage rights to all the content and images!

For an additional $5,000, I will completely rework this site using an updated theme, update the lead generation, AND install your IDX/RETS feed (REALTOR® board requires additional fee of $199 and you have to pay an intermediary $40-$50/month for the database packaging). I will show you how to get the most out of the site, grab the biggest market share, and be available to answer any questions for up to 2 months.

Effectively, I am offering you the ability to have the best real estate site in our area and instantly skyrocket your sales to become one of the area’s top producing agents. I am also offering to mastermind with you and discuss some mistakes I made over the years so you don’t end up burnt out in 10 years like I did.  I am basically offering to help you become one of the highest paid real estate agents in this area in less than a year for only $30,000.

So What Next?

Chances are, if you are reading this, you already know me (Damion Flynn) and are likely friends with me on Facebook. Feel free to reach out there, email me using the contact form below, or call me.

As far as payment goes, I prefer cash (credit cards count as cash 😉 ) but will also consider other goods as trade for partial or all payment.