WordPress not just for Blogging

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbA question I get asked a lot when recommending WordPress for the basic framework of a new website is “but what if I don’t really have time or don’t want to blog?”

Well fear-not my no-blogging friend, you don’t have to!
Wait! What?

That’s right, you don’t HAVE to blog just because you are using WordPress as your engine. Now, don’t get me wrong, WordPress is a very powerful blogging platform with many built-in features that can help catapult your site when used properly and using a WordPress site as a static website is kind of like buying a Ferrari for your 2 mile commute to the office through downtown New York. Sure, it will look pretty, but you’re not really utilizing it to its full functionality. But it can be done.

In fact, we build lots of static-looking websites on top of WordPress which have never been utilized as a blogging platform. Never had a post, nothing. One of the benefits to WordPress is that you can set a static homepage and build your menus, pages, etc to mimic a static site design. Then, when you need to change something, it is super-intuitive. So, someone still using an old editor like FrontPage or Dreamweaver and uploading their site via FTP could take 10-15 minutes to make an easy change to a page and have a few headaches along the way, but the same person using WordPress could make that change in 1-2 minutes and be about their day.

But why not blog?

We get it. Sometimes you just may not be a good writer. You may really think you just don’t have time and sometimes you really may not. Other people suffer from writer’s block and just can’t figure out what to say.

Whatever your reasons, we understand that not everyone is a natural-born content writer. For those that want the SEO benefit of fresh content, we can help you with content. For those of you who just have no interest or no money, no worries – you don’t have to have an updated blog on your WordPress site to have a great design and functional plugins to maximize the effectiveness of your website.

And of course, if you ever change your mind and decide you want to blog, your WordPress installation is already there and waiting…and making those changes is relatively easy through a few menu changes and you are in business.

Damion Flynn

Damion is the founder and owner of CyberTycoons, its parent company, Beemz Consulting, and other businesses. He works with business owners and C-level executives on their business strategy, consults in may facets of business development and cost-savings, direct mail, marketing, website development, online marketing, sales funnels, search engine strategy, and much more. When he is not working with business owners, he actively works with several non profit organizations, volunteering his time to help communities and educate. He has an educator's heart and loves learning about people's goals so he can help them attain them.

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