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Owner Message

Damion Flynn Owner

I have wondered if computers were invented just to give me something to love to work with in this world. Since an early age, I have been fascinated with computers. I remember taking apart my first PC in the early 90's, I was building them for friends and family just a few years later, and once the Internet became a big thing, I was figuring out how to make money with them. 
         My passion has been in this industry and I have worked in it in one way or another for most of my life. I started building websites in the mid-90's and have been doing it ever since, learning new techniques, changing with the times, and keeping on top of all the newest trends in the industry. CyberTycoons is a culmination of decades of personal experience and our employees are here to help you get the web presence of your dreams, a web presence that will be of value to your business, generate a positive ROI, and help you generate new customers even when you are sleeping.


Web design that looks good on all devices, from tablets to PC's to large TV's. Don't lose out to part of your market because your site is not appealing on all devices!


Get powerful SEO tools built-in. Have us work on your SEO; We have helped develop search engines and know how to get you ranked.


We take care of all the geeky stuff so you can focus on your business and lessen the chance of a catastrophic failure to your online presence.

Tech Support

We offer some of the best technical support in the business. You are never just a number to us. We offer support to all of our products and contract support for your office.


What is a lead-generating website without the ability to convert? We have powerful conversion tracking, A/B split-testing and more built in to your landing pages!


We offer regular training through videos, webinars, and can even do onsite training at your business in technology, sales, and leadership / development.

Industry Specific

Real Estate

Highly optimized IDX websites for agents and brokers. MLS listings are search engine optimized and integrated seamlessly into your site and content. Lead generation, content management, community pages, and more. Most home buyers and sellers use the first agent that responds to them online. Work with us if you want that to be you.


Whether you are in P&C, Life, Health, or other, we have helped agents of all levels increase their portfolio. We can integrate with your carriers if needed or just build you a solid presence to generate leads. In this highly-competitive field, it helps to have a solid presence to keep you in front of potential clients.

Restaurant / Bar

You use only the best ingredients. You make the best authentic Italian dishes in the state, but none of that matters if people can't find you. We can help with that. 
From getting your menu online to getting customers in the door, we have helped many restaurants over the years with their online presence and customer loyalty programs.


Whether you need a patient portal, connection to an existing portal with your branding, or a standalone site to showcase your practice and specialties, we can help. 
Many doctors are finally starting to realize the need for having their own website outside of that of their hospital or clinic affiliation site. Isn't it time you got yours?


Running for office? Creating the right brand for yourself is paramount in your campaign. From the website design, online marketing, social media, and even direct mail campaigns - we have you covered. 
Come see why we are considered by many to be THE choice for your campaign image.

Building / Construction

Whether you are a home builder building 100 houses per year or a general contractor helping people remodel their existing homes, we have worked with contractors across the board to build a web presence that brings out what they do and grabs more customers. 
If you are still doing business the old way, by handing out cards and hoping for referrals, isn't it about time you saw what a web presence can do for your business?

Landing Pages

Your landing page is the first step in your sales funnel and without the proper attention, is often the weakest link. It does you know good to have a massive dynamic funnel if you can't get people to sign up.

Sales Funnels

A single sales page and email response just doesn't cut it in today's marketing world. You need multiple entry and exit points and a dynamic response system to effectively maximize your funnel. 

Lead Generation

Maybe you don't need, or can't afford, a massive sales funnel. That is okay. We can help you generate leads through your website, landing page, and even social media. What are you waiting for? 


to Help You get More Customers!

Our Tips & Tricks subscription is a free service we offer to provide value to customers and potential customers. Don't miss out.