Income Producing Websites

Sites on this page will move the fastest so please check back if there is nothing here as I usually add a couple each week. These sites are usually put together on domains I purchase that may be good keyword names but not as high value to sell the domains outright at a reasonable profit so I put income-producing websites on them. Others may be sites I have owned for a while and just selling for fast cash.

In the interest of full disclosure, some of these sites are put together quickly and sold before income is derived from them. Others may have already been in operation and earning income. This will be reflected in the notes section of each site (and in the price). Only sites that meet certain criteria are offered finance or lease terms. If terms are not offered, please do not ask. Use the contact form below to email or contact through Facebook or telephone to buy/inquire.

Income Producing Sites for Sale

Domain NameBuy Price $Finance $/mo*Lease $/mo*Income SourceAdditional Info
MSCOASTREALTY.COM$25,000$500$420Real Estate LeadsLongstanding real estate blog with lots of existing traffic despite no updates in years. See more information at Sale


*Finance monthly value based on 20% at 60 months. Different terms available, interest calculated monthly on outstanding balance. Lease requires no term commitment. Lease and finance both require setup fees. See Domain Financing/Leasing for Terms.