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I have been buying and selling domain names for years and have a few websites dedicated specifically to that but decided to add them here as part of a total customer offering. Feel free to ask any questions or inquire about specific domains by email using the contact form below, reaching out on Facebook, or call/text our primary phone number.

Some of our Domains for Sale/Lease

What goes in to pricing domain names?

There are many variables which would be well beyond the scope of what I could easily post here, but the primary ones are:

  1. Name Value: How easy is the name to read/remember? What is the length of the name?
  2. Keyword Value: how popular are the keywords? Since keywords are important to search results, a name with even decent keywords will be worth more than one with none. A name with good keywords in it will surge to the top of the search engine results pages as well as gain higher domain authority for other similar keywords.
  3. Registration time (years): The longer a domain has been around plays a factor in the search engine value. A domain with lower keyword value will still likely place higher in search results over another domain with better keywords if it has been registered longer. This goes to play in domain authority and search engines algorithms believe the longer a domain has been registered, the better quality it is for their users.
  4. Backlinks: The number of backlinks, or sites linking to yours, plays an important role for both domain authority as well as pagerank. You get bonus points for search engines with more inbound links but also based on the quality of those links. Getting a bunch of crappy links will not help, but getting a bunch of links from quality sites over time is some of the best search engine “juice’ you can have.
  5. Business Value: Real estate and insurance websites will usually fetch a premium over sites for a local laundry mat. This is due to obvious reasons like availability and competition, but also because the average real estate domain sells for around $2,000 and the investment can be recouped in a single closing. A laundry mat website may sell for around $1000 for a good geo-name, but would still take hundreds of customers to recoup the investment.
  6. Monetary recoup value: How fast can you gain your investment back on your purchase? What is the average annual income or projections without advertising? Most websites REQUIRE you to advertise them to regain your investment. Domains/Sites that have a pre-existing search engine value and can generate new leads/sales without advertising are sold at a premium, usually equal to 2-5 years profit or the annual sales, depending on value model used.
  7. Search Engine Value: While there are many variables that go in to this, including backlinks and domain authority, but one of the best values you can get is active indexed pages. You can find active pages by going to Google and typing in “site:” without quotes and see what happens. Buying a domain that is already indexed is the best way to go because that means that new pages will be indexed faster and increase your search value/search reach. If you buy a domain with indexed pages but it does not include the website with it, you should immediately create as many of the higher-profile pages as possible with good keywords to keep that value and set any URL’s that you do not have pages for with 301 redirects to similar pages to maintain indexing. Buying the full site content with your purchase is the best way to go, but this may not always be possible.

Even if you have no interest in buying any of my current domains, I hope this quick write-up was helpful to you, whether now or the future. Do let me know if I can be of help buying.selling domains, building a new website for you, or working with you on your online marketing.

Damion Flynn
Owner, CyberTycoons