Real Estate Domains

Buying and selling real estate is a tough business. I know; I owned a brokerage for more than a decade. In fact, many seasoned real estate agents/brokers across the country will recognize my name as I not only created the first and #1 local real estate blog in the southeast US, I also helped coach others on how to utilize them to obtain new clients.

While it is possible to do very well in real estate using traditional (old-school) methods, it is almost impossible to really do great in this business without a really good domain name and high search engine rankings. I have other posts about how to get better search engine rankings, but one thing people often overlook is a good domain name. Not only does a good name work to your advantage, but having a “seasoned” domain, or one that has been registered for more than a year, increases those rankings as well. If your domain has been around for a while, it is considered more trustworthy than a recently registered one and thus gets higher values in the search algorithms.

Here are some domains we have available for sell or lease in the real estate field. And if you haven’t lined up a web developer for your new real estate website, give us a chance. My team does GREAT with real estate websites and can put together a client-friendly site that will get you quality leads and help you skyrocket in the search results.

Real Estate Domains for Sale

Domain NameBuy Price $Finance $/mo*Lease $/mo*Site Included?Additional Info
1031TAXPROS.COM$2,500$50$40NoInvestors, 1031 exchange, real estate, accounting, cpa
BESTMORTGAGEPLUS.COM$1,500$30$25Nomortgage, real estate
DIBERVILLEONLINE.COM$3,000$60$50NoD'Iberville, portal, real estate
DIBERVILLEREALESTATE.COM$2,500$50$40NoD'Iberville, real estate
DIBERVILLEREALESTATE.NET$1,500$30$25NoD'Iberville, real estate
EREALESTATENEWS.COM$5,000$100$85Noreal estate, news, national, portal, high value keyword
FASTHOMESALES.NET$10,000$200$165Noreal estate, brand, national, high value keyword
FLFORECLOSURE.INFO$2,000$40$35Noreal estate, foreclosure, state brand, info portal
HOMEFORSALECHARLOTTE.NET$3,500$70$60NoCharlotte, real estate, high value keyword
HOMESFORSALECHARLOTTE.NET$3,500$70$60NoCharlotte, real estate, high value keyword
HOMEREAPER.COM$1,500$30$25Noreal estate, home, house, brandable
HOMEREMODELHELP.COM$7,500$150$125Noreal estate, home, house, remodel, high value keyword
LOWESTREALESTATE.COM$10,000$200$170Noreal estate, home, house, investor, portal, national, high value keyword
MSCOASTLAND.COM$1,500$30$25NoMS Coast, real estate, land
MSCOASTREALTY.COM$25,000$500$420YesMS Coast, real estate, high traffic site, lead generating site. See more at Sale
MSCOASTREALTY.NET$1,500$30$25NoMS Coast, real estate
REALESTATEINSPECTIONS.INFO$2,500$50$40Noreal estate, inspections, brand, portal, high value keyword
REALTYBLOGGINGBASICS.COM$2,000$40$35Noreal estate, blogging, portal, high value keyword
RESORTHOMES.INFO$5,000$100$85Noreal estate, resort homes, high value keywords, national, brand, portal
ROCKINNEWYORK.COM$2,000$40$35NoNew York, brand, old real estate site, vanity site
SOLDINMS.COM$1,,500$30$25Novanity, keyword value, real estate or other potential sales uses
SOUTHERNMSHOMES.COM$1,500$30$25Nosouth MS, homes, houses, real estate or builder use
TAXDEEDPROPERTIES.COM$3,500$70$60Notax deed, properties, real estate, investors, high value keyword, portal
TECHREALTY.COM$50,000$1,000$835Notech realty, real estate, national brand
WATERFRONTCAMPS.COM$3,000$60$50Nowaterfront, camps, real estate, brand, portal


*Finance monthly value based on 20% at 60 months. Different terms available, interest calculated monthly on outstanding balance. Lease requires no term commitment. Lease and finance both require setup fees. See Domain Financing/Leasing for Terms.