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Landing Pages

From Landing Pages and Sales Funnels to E-Commerce and E-Mail Marketing - we have you covered. 

We can do full out website integrations with product-based funnels or standalone landing pages with their own sales funnel. Our consultative approach, combined with the best marketing knowledge in the business, is a recipe for success for all your online marketing needs. 

You could waste thousands of dollars going to someone who THINKS they know what they are doing, or you could have a conversation with us and get a plan that is all-but guaranteed to be a success. Now, obviously, nothing in this life is guaranteed because there are some things out of our control, but with more than 20 years experience in the industry, we are doing something right. Let us go to work for you!

Available Features

Responsive Pages

Static Sales Funnels

Dynamic Sales Funnels

Headline Split Testing

Opt-In A/B Testing

Inline & Exit Intent opt-in

OTO for PPC Recoop

Multi-funnel Approach

E-Commerce Add-Ons

One-Time and Net Pricing

Much Much more...


Very Basic Dynamic Funnel. You can always tell the old-school guys because we do them on whiteboards. We did this for an MLM program last year.

Don’t be fooled by competitors who are jumping in on the train of online marketing, pretending to know what they are doing. They see a couple of videos and start advertising their services as a dynamic response marketer. They are doing this because it is a lengthy process and commands a premium for the design alone, let alone implementation.

We have been doing dynamic relationship marketing for close to a decade. Frank Kern started selling this as a service and put together a pretty good funnel for it. Unfortunately, he gives away just enough information for marketers watching his material to be dangerous. They sell you a service and many of them have no clue how to actually implement it properly – and the client often times does not fully understand it so they think it is good when in fact it doesn’t even work.

Prior to Frank’s courses, I believe their were only a handful of us doing it. Now everyone seems to think they are an expert and charge clients thousands of dollars with no ability to actually deliver. Don’t make their mistake. Call us first for all your online marketing needs!

Our Process is Simple but Effective!


We discuss your needs, by phone, Messenger, Hangouts or Skype, or for those local to us or willing to pay travel expenses, in person.


After receiving down payment, we build your program to specifications, adding all features, and optimize it for your needs.


We show you the product, get your feedback, discuss any potential changes and the ramifications of those changes.


We make any necessary edits, finalize the remaining items such as opt-in forms, lead management, etc.


We both agree that the program is done to specification, you are happy with result, and are ready to go live with it.


Final payment, set up any recurring billing, go live with the program, and you share how awesome we are with all your friends.