Keyword Domains

Keyword domains, full word, or dictionary word domains are those which use full words in “most” of the domain. A simple letter (like ‘e’ or ‘i’) or number can be placed in domain somewhere, typically at beginning or between words) where it makes sense (ie, go2meeting). Keyword domains are typically valued at how popular they are in search as well as paid click value.

Keyword Domains for Sale

Domain NameBuy Price $Finance $/mo*Lease $/mo*Site Included?Additional Info
1HOE.COM$5,500$110$95Nohoe, 4 letter, real word
MRADVO.COM$1,500$30$25No6 letters, brand, Advo, advocate, search values for advocare supplements and vaping advocates
NEONPC.COM$15,000$300$250No6 letters, real words, high search value, neon, pc,
NEONPC.NET$12,500$250$210No6 letters, real words, high search value, neon, pc,
SEOBAM.COM$7,500$150$125Yes (will disassociate)6 letters, real words, seo, bam
ALLGOLFCARTPARTS.COM$1,500$30$25Nogolf, golf cart, golf cart parts, high keyword value, shopify, amazon
ALLSOURCEMEDIA.COM$1,500$30$25Noall source media, media high value keyword
ASTRODOME.INFO$2,000$40$35NoAstrodome, high value keyword, high search keyword
BESTACOUSTICELECTRICGUITAR.COM$1,500$30$25Noacoustic electric guitar, high value keyword, shopify, amazon
BESTDONATIONSITES.COM$1,500$30$25Nodonations, great NPO portal
BESTDSLPRICES.COM$2,000$40$35Nodsl prices, great dsl domain, hi speed internet domain
BESTMORTGAGEPLUS.COM$1,500$30$25Nomortgage site, real estate, keywords, high value keyword
BIGTITTYSITE.COM$1,500$30$25Nobig titty site, high value keywords
BILOXIBOOTCAMP.COM$1,500$30$25NoBiloxi, boot camp, high brandability, good keywords, local
BILOXISHEDS.COM$1,500$30$25NoBiloxi, sheds
CASHBACKJOB.COM$3,000$60$50Nocash back job, high keyword value, great brandability, easy to remember
CASHBACKSAVINGSCLUB.COM$2,000$40$35Nocash back savings club, high keyword value
CHINCHILLABLOG.COM$2,000$40$35Nochinchilla, blog, high value keyword, portal
COASTALFARMSUPPLY.COM$1,500$30$25Nocoastal farm supply
DOMAINWEBGUIDE.COM$1,500$30$25Nodomain, web guide, multiple uses, good keyword value, brandable
EBIZLOAN.COM$2,000$40$35Nobusiness loan, biz loan, high value keyword, brandable
ESSAYPROFITS.COM$1,000$20$15Noessay profits, brandable, writing affiliate
FJCORNER.COM$1,000$20$15NoFJ corner, toyota FJ, brand, portal
FLOSSINGFACTS.COM$2,500$50$40Noflossing facts, dental portal, high value keywords
FREECELLULAR.NET$1,000$20$15Nofree cellular, mobile, phone, high use keyword
FUELEFFICIENCY.INFO$1,500$30$25Nofuel efficiency, auto, car, high value keyword, portal
GRILLHOG.COM$4,500$90$75Nogrill hog, grilling, high brand, high value keyword, LOGO available with sale
GULFCOASTLEADERS.COM$1,000$20$15Nogulf coast leaders
HOMECASHGUIDE.COM$3,500N/AN/AYes (disassociation)home cash guide, work from home niche, high value keywords, site available with disassociation,
HOMEHEALTHREMEDIES.ORG$4,000$80$70Nohome health remedies, high value keywords, high search value
HOMEREAPER.COM$1,500$30$25Nohome reaper, real estate, home, house, brand
HOMEREMODELHELP.COM$7,500$150$125Nohome remodel help, high value keywords, high search keywords, real estate
IREFERENCE.ORG$2,500$50$40Noreference, single word, high value, rare
JACKASSMARKETING.COM$1,000N/AN/ANoreal word, marketing
KOBISHOWDOGS.COM$1,500$30$25Nokobi show dogs, kobi dogs, high keyword value, high search volume
LINKPRIMER.COM$2,500$50$40Noreal words, brand potential
MAKINGMONEYBLOGGING.NET$1,500N/AN/ANomaking money blogging, high value keyword, high value search, high search terms
METRODOME.INFO$2,000$40$35Nometrodome, high search volume, single word, rare
MSCOASTVIDEO.COM$1,000$20$15Noms coast, video
NEONPC.COM$15,000$300$250No6 letters, real words, high search value, neon, pc,
NEONPC.NET$12,500$250$210No6 letters, real words, high search value, neon, pc,
NETHOSTS.NET$5,000$100$85NoNet Hosts, great hosting name, high keyword value, high search value
OVERSTOCKSITES.COM$5,000$100$85Nooverstock, portal, great site potential, brand, high keyword value
PAID2APP.COM$1,000$20$15Nopaid 2 app
PAID2RATE.COM$1,500$30$25Nopaid 2 rate
PAYMYNOTE.COM$2,000$40$35Nopay my note, brandable
RAFFLEBLITZ.COM$3,500$70$60Noraffle blitz, raffle, great brand value
RANDOMFREEBIES.COM$2,000$40$35Norandom freebies, giveaways
SEWSUPPLY.COM$2,000$40$35Nosew supply, keyword high value, search value, shopify, amazon
SLABREMOVAL.COM$1,000$20$15Noslab removal
SOUTHMSKIDS.COM$1,000$20$15Nosouth ms kids
THECOUPONREVIEW.COM$1,500$30$25Nocoupon review, reviews, coupons, high keyword value
THEHACKERSEDGE.COM$4,500$90$75Nohackers edge


*Finance monthly value based on 20% at 60 months. Different terms available, interest calculated monthly on outstanding balance. Lease requires no term commitment. Lease and finance both require setup fees. See Domain Financing/Leasing for Terms.